Percy Jackson

A water casteon


HP: 130 (10+60x2)
SP: 10

C 2
A 6
S 2

A1 Aquatic knowledge. +3 to knowledge checks on aquatic based knowledge
A2 Water Mage. Supernatural Entry for super natural talents.
A3 Water Master. Controls 2 D6 Liter of Water for 10 rounds Range 1, Costs 3.
Restrictions: Water must be clean, Requires Touch, Requires hand gestures
A4 Healing Waters. Heals 5 D6 damage. Range 0 Cost 4
Restrictions: Requires Water. Touch. Hand gestures.
A4 Water Whip. Deal 5 D6 damage. Range 1, Costs 4
Restrictions: Requires Water. Non-lethal. Hand gestures.
C1 Armor Proficiency, doubles the armor value of armor.


Gourd of water.

Breast plate and gauntlet combo
+60 hp

Pen Sword 4 D6


Goblins Kill his parents and he avenged them.

Percy Jackson

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