Tomo Thunderhawk The Snake's Tongue




Hp 210
Sp 60



C1: armor prof

C1: Shield prof

A1: Electric Magic Knowledge

NA2 Electric Wizard

A3 Defibrillator
Cure Swoon Heals 3 d6 hp costs 3 r0
Requires Sword, Access To sky, Touch

A4 Charge
Increase damage dealt by Lighting by D5 for 10 Turns
Sword, Access To sky, Touch, target must be able to conduct electricity.

A5 Paralyses:
Render 3 Target unable to move or act for 1d6 hours. This Effect is ended if the Target is hurt or heavily jostled. The Target is not Swooned. Range 2 Costs 5 Targets 3.
Sword, Access To sky, target must be able to conduct electricity.

A5 Thunder Hawk:
Summon and become the mighty Thunder Hawk for 10 rounds
Requires access to sky, Self only, vocal, hand gesture, extra sp.

A5 Power of the thunder god.
+1d6 c 20 rounds +1d6 a 20 rounds +1d6 sp 20 rounds +1d6 hp 20 round
Restrictions: In favour of thunder god, Access to sky, Self only, extra sp, Requires lighting rod.

Title: The snakes tongue
allows gods to contact tomo.

Lighting Conducting full plate:
100 hp
Magic Resistant Shield: 5 magic defence
Lightning rod Sword: 50 sp
Magic Ring

content from last mission:

1 spell book
1 ring
32 rocks
3 gems
-50 moneys from dobbie


A childhood friend of Dobby, born and raised in Peace Shire.

Tomo Thunderhawk The Snake's Tongue

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