Dreams Tomo

Tomo awoke in his family garden.

he walked through the flowers that once were so familiar to him.

As he continues, he sees his mother, watering the plants.

he runs to greet her and is shocked when he finds a shriveled corpse of the mother he once knew.

She moaned: “Why didn’t you protect us Tomo?” and then crumbled away to dust.

Tomo kneels down towards the dust pile.

The sight of withering catches Tomos eye as the whole garden itself begins to wither and crumble away.

Tomo turns to run, but he’s stuck as he finds himself sinking into the dirt.

He slowly sinks into the dirt as the place he once grew up completely crumbles away.


“Tomo…” a booming voice echoed.

“Tomo…” the voice booms again.

“It’s not your time Tomo”…

The sound of a hawk is audible…


Tomo is rustled awake.

“Tomo… Tomo, wake up…” Dobbie pleads.

“were here…” He explains.

Tomo found himself floating through the clouds.

“I must be asleep again…” he muttered to himself.

A bright light flooded the sky and Tomo found himself in a large thunderstorm.

“Tomo, beware the man in red as he is not the prophet as he claims.”

Tomo awoke to the sun hitting his eyes.

“Who could this man in red be?” He thought to himself.

Dreams Tomo

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